#HermitageUMC is blessed to have over 15 adult Bible study classes that meet at 9:45 a.m. Read below for classes and descriptions. 

The Unity Class

Room 209, BC  |  Ages: 40+  |  Class Size: Medium

This class is discussion-based and primarily studies the Bible. It is always a spirited but loving discussion that allows the group to grow in understanding God’s Word and growing in our relationship with God and each other.

Bill and Denise Pridemore  |  (615) 579-5125



Room 307, AJ Campus  |  Ages: 40+  |  Class Size: Medium

This class seeks fellowship while growing as disciples of Christ using discussion-based methods. Most members are professionals.

Garland Mahan Jr.  |  (615) 847-1874



Room 314, AJ Campus  |  Ages: 55+  |  Class Size: Large

“I can do all things through Christ” is the motto of this class. You will find a compassionate and joyful group of people who enjoy Christian fellowship while growing in biblical knowledge and motivation.

Bette Jean O’Nan  |  (615) 754-6204



Room 108, BC  |  Ages: 60+  |  Class Size: Large

As HUMC’s longest established class whose greatest resource is prayer, this group strives to be the body of Christ as evidenced by love and concern shown for each other. There is also an emphasis on reaching out to others around the world through mission projects. The curriculum used is United Methodist Adult Bible Study.

Rex Gobbell  |  (615) 883-0845



Room 109, BC  |  Ages: 50+  |  Class Size: Medium

This Bible-centered class is comprised of couples and singles whose hallmarks are fellowship and outreach programs.  Methods of teaching the life-centered lessons are lecture and discussion.

Jackie Henderson  |  (615) 758-8075



Room 311, AJC |  Ages: 60 – 75  |  Class Size: Small

A small group with lively Bible-based discussion studies. Ages vary in this fun-loving group.

Mary Parker  |  (615) 391-3921



Room 118, BC  |  Ages: 30’s+ |  Class Size: Small

The class consists of married couples who are devoted to building and maintaining the foundations of strong marriages and families.  The format is group discussion-centered on a prepared lesson. Studies range from using books of the Bible to looking at how Bible teachings relate to marriage relationships.

John Mertz   |   (615) 847-0721



Room 303, AJC  |  Ages: 40+  |  Class Size: Small

Varied ages and different maturity levels of Christians are included in the Journeys group as members learn from each other.  All desire to grow in a renewed relationship with Christ by studying and discussing issues of today’s society plus verse-by-verse Bible study. This class is taught by a rotation of class members.

Bob Ramsey  |  (615) 773-7847



Room 205, BC  |  Ages: 60+  |  Class Size: Small

J.O.Y. (Jesus.Others.You) uses a facilitator-discussion approach to study the Bible, one book at a time. There are several mission and outreach projects are sponsored throughout the year.


Ladies Bible Study

Room 102, BC  |  Ages: 50+  |  Class Size: Small

This breakfast-gathering style class is made up of women who are in all stages of life. The focus is on Bible study and applying God’s Word to everyday living, which leads to support a variety of community needs. These ladies enjoy going out to lunch together periodically.

Becky Riney  |  (615) 883-8319



McKendree Towers  |  Ages: 60+  |  Class Size: Medium

This class meets at 9:40 a.m. in the second-floor meeting room at McKendree Towers, which is next door to HUMC. This location accommodates those who cannot readily attend their own churches due to physical limitations. Intentionally ecumenical, this group represents various denominations.

Dave Butler  |  (615) 874-8253


New Horizons

Room 206, BC  |  Ages: 50+  |  Class Size: Small

Growing closer to God every day, this group is studying the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and discusses how it relates to daily living.

Leanne Terry |  (615) 973-6667


New Life

Room 208, BC  |  Ages: 30+  |  Class Size: Small

This intergenerational group studies topics that relate the Bible to everyday situations of life. A variety of study methods is used.

Jim Vernon  |  jvernon@pga.com



Room 207, BC  |  Ages: 30+  |  Class Size: Small

This discussion-based class studies a variety of topics focusing on Scripture with life application. This class appeals to married couples and singles mainly their 30s – 50s.

Janna Ramsey  |   janna.ramsey@gmail.com


Shalom Seekers

Room 203, BC  |  Ages: 50+  |  Class Size: Medium

A multi-generational class focused on understanding and applying biblical concepts to everyday life. Discussion-based, this class is led by various members who act as facilitators. There is a fun-loving, humorous atmosphere for all to share and enjoy.

Ruth McCarver, (615) 481-3558  |  Lisa Dreher, (615) 812-8141



Room 309, BC  |  Ages: 30 – 60  |  Class Size: Medium

The Bible is the textbook for this friendly, loving and caring community of Christian believers.  Using the Bible as the foundation for weekly discussions, this class is open and inviting.

Steve Horne  |  (615) 758-5045