Habitat for Humanity // 2017

Sunday, October 8 & Saturday, October 14


Danielle is a native Nashvillian. She grew up in East Nashville with her parents and three siblings. Danielle says that purchasing a home in Nashville is the right choice for her because her family is her support system, and she wants to stay close to them.

Danielle is the proud mother of a 16-year-old daughter (a talented saxophone player) and a 14-year-old son, who excels at sports, particularly soccer. Both of her children are good students, and Danielle gets excited when she thinks about their futures – going to college, getting good jobs, getting married and living comfortable lives. Danielle studied healthcare management at Nashville State Community College and medical billing and coding online through Ashworth College. She works full time at Tennessee Oncology in the medical billing department. She also works part time as a PRN at TriStar Centennial Hospital. After she settles in her new home, Danielle would like to join the Army Reserve and earn a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management.

Danielle and her children currently rent an apartment in Antioch. There are often people loitering around the building, which makes Danielle feel uncomfortable. She has moved many times over her life trying to find safer, more affordable housing. “I’ve dealt with noisy neighbors and limited privacy. I’ve paid high rent for something that will never be mine,” she explains. Her cousin purchased a Habitat for Humanity home in 2013 and encouraged Danielle to apply for the homeownership program. “Habitat homes are affordable and I like the zero percent interest mortgage loan,” Danielle says. “Becoming a Habitat homeowner will give my family more stability and extra income. And we will feel safer and more comfortable.”

Danielle is already thinking about how she will decorate her new home. “I’m most excited to decorate the living room,” she says, “because as a family, the living room is where we will spend most of our time.” Her children are also looking forward to picking out the perfect paint colors for their bedroom walls. “Thank you to everyone for taking time out to help me accomplish such an amazing goal,” Danielle says. “I am so thankful and I appreciate everything you all have done for my family. You have changed our lives tremendously. Thank you and God bless!” 



This will be a wonderful opportunity for us to work together outside of church to help this hardworking family take steps toward a better life through the purchase of their own home. Each build day covers a variety of tasks and there will be types of work for everyone. Our build days fall on day 4 and 5 of the build cycle.  Food and drink will be covered, so all you have to do is sign up for a build day and show up dressed and ready work.

What is a build day like?

Fun! The day will start around 7:00 a.m. with breakfast and we’ll start working around 7:30 a.m. Most of us will work as teams on various tasks throughout the house. Habitat will provide all the tools and knowledge. Lunch will be at 11:30 a.m and then we’ll wrap up around 3:30 p.m.

How do I sign up?

Easy. Email chadwell.jodi@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering on Sunday, October 8 or Saturday, October 14. Habitat will send you the specific directions and details as we get closer to the build day.


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