Congrats, High School Seniors!

The end of every school year is an exciting time for Youth. As it gets warmer and the days get longer, many get to sleep in, take vacations, spend time with friends, and look forward to events like mission trip. For our graduated seniors, it is bittersweet. This year, we had the joy of graduating a strong and passionate group of disciples. We are happy to see them grow and sad to see them leave. Many prayers are being said for our graduates as they begin another step in their journey.

Congratulations Grant Baxter, Aedan Cole, Sarah Crace, Joey Fishbeck, Ally Fry, Elziabeth Gillis, Stephen Gober, James Hall, Robert Hatter, Wendy Logan, Karly Mathis, Julianna Ramsey, Cassi Seifert, Janicee Simone, Molly Turner, Karley Whitehead, Allison Winters, Hunter Winters, Keri Winters, and Megan Young! We love you all!

If you or your Sunday school class is interested in being a prayer partner for one of our seniors as they continue their journey, contact me!

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